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Fri 28

8:30AM -8:35AM

Welcome & Introductions
Meeting Chairs: Claire Harrison & Naveen Pemmaraju 

8:35AM -9:35AM

Session 1: Biology
Chairs: TBC

  • Genomics of MPN – Updates in 2024: Olatoyosi Odenike
  • Pathophysiology of progression: Ronald Hoffman
  • JAK2 vs CALR as CHIP: David Steensma
  • Calreticulin biology and targeting: TBC

Panel discussion

9:35AM -10:45AM

Session 2 PV and ET
Chairs: Andrew Kuykendall & Kirsten Pettit

  • New options for the management of ET but do all patients need treatment: Kristen Pettit
  • Rusfertide: Marina Kremyanskaya
  • Current data regarding young MPN patients: Lucia Masarova
  • Should we still use HU first line for PV patients? Andrew Kuykendall

What data is required to integrate molecular monitoring and JAK2 allele burden into the PV algorithm?

a) Pathologist’s perspective: Sanam Loghavi
b) Clinician perspective/MAJIC-PV JCO study: Claire Harrison

Panel discussion

10:45AM -11:15AM


11:15AM -12:30PM

Session 3: Unmet needs in Myelofibrosis
Chairs: TBC

  • Important updates with combination therapy in MF in first line I: Pelabrasib: Claire Harrison
  • Important updates in frontline combo MF II: BCLxL: navitoclax & selinexor: Naveen Pemmaraju
  • Suboptimal response or second line combination therapies: Raajit Rampal
  • New options for management of thrombocytopenia and anemia in MF: Aaron Gerds
  • Pre-fibrotic myelofibrosis: Abdulraheem Yacoub

Panel discussion

12:30PM -1:30PM


1:30PM -2:15PM

Session 4: Endpoint discussion in MPNs
Chairs: TBC

  • Should SVR35 still be the gold standard in MF, and if not, what are the options?: John Mascarenhas
  • Is there a ceiling in assessing symptom response for MF/ MPNs?: Ruben Mesa
  • The future of clinical trials in MF: an industry perspective: David Steensma
  • Disease modification as an endpoint in PCV/ET: Jan Bewersdorf
  • Endpoint discussion: Angela Fleischman

Panel discussion

2:15PM -3:25PM

Session 5: Accelerated disease and transplant
Chairs: John Mascarenhas & David Steensma

  • How to define accelerated phase MPNs: Lucia Masarova
  • Drivers of accelerated phase MPN: Raajit Rampal
  • Options for management in 2024: TBC
  • Transplantation for MF in chronic and accelerated phase: Donal McLornan

Panel discussion

3:25PM -3:45PM


3:45PM -4:45PM

Session 6: CMML and BPDCN
Chairs: TBC       

  • RASopathies, key features of RAS family-mutated CMML and treatment options: Mrinal Patnaik
  • Approaches from the MDS/MPN IWG: ABNL MARRO and beyond: Daniel Wiseman
  • The special case of MDS/MPN-RS-T: Valeria Santini
  • BPDCN: Naveen Pemmaraju
4:45PM -5:35PM

Session 7: Targeting the iron pathway from anemia to polycythemia
Chairs: Aaron Gerds & Donal McLornan

  • Utilizing momelotinib to treat anemia in MPN: TBC
  • Treating anemia in MPB-RS-T with luspatercept: Aaron Gerds
  • Controlling erythrocytosis with rusfertide in PV: Ronald Hoffman

Panel discussion

5:35PM -6:25PM

Session 8: Overlaps with MDS
Chairs: Uwe Platzbecker & Claire Harrison

  • Targeting telomerase in MPN and MDS: John Mascarenhas
  • What should MPN learn from MDS?: TBC
  • Latest data for how imetelstat is actually working: TBC

Panel discussion

6:25PM -6:30PM

Conclusions & end of Day 1


Sat 29

8:00AM -8:10AM

Introduction & meeting objectives
Chair: Amer Zeidan

8:10AM -9:20AM

Session 1: CHIP/CCUS
Chairs: Michael Savona & Uma Borate

  • The SEARCH CONSORTIUM: Looking for Answers in CHIP And CCUS: Zhuoer Xie
  • Clonal hematopoiesis and transplantation outcomes: Coleman Lindsley
  • Should CCUS be considered as lower risk MDS?: TBC
  • Putting it all together: Michael Savona

Panel discussion

9:20AM -9:40AM

Keynote talk:

Leveraging the icMDS combined database to answer timely and important questions on classification and risk stratification in MDS: Matteo Della Porta

9:40AM -10:10AM


10:10AM -11:30AM

Session 2: Rising STARs session: MDS in special populations
Chairs: TBC

  • DDX41-mut MDS/AML: Carmelo Gurnari
  • MDS in young patients: Yasmin Abaza
  • Cohesin genes mutated MDS: Tariq Kewan
  • How to approach hypoplastic MDS: Emma Groarke
  • Targeting splicing mutation mutated in MDS: Jan Bewersdorf
  • How should TP53-mutated MDS be classified?: Bing Li

Panel discussion

11:30AM -12:30PM

Session 3: New directions and governmental progress
Chairs: Valeria Santini & Elizabeth Griffiths                                    

  • Oral hypomethylating agents in MDS – what is next?: Elizabeth Griffiths
  • Updates in therapeutic combinations of epigenetic agents in MDS/AML: Maximilian Stahl
  • Overview of the NIH Program for MDS: Alain Mina
  • Overview of CTEP/NCI efforts for MDS: Olatoyosi Odenike

Panel discussion

12:30PM -1:30PM


1:30PM -2:40PM

Session 4: Inflammation and immune interventions
Chairs: Andrew Wei & Rena Buckstein                                                                                                  

  • Targeting inflammation & dysregulated innate immunity in MDS: Shahram Kordasti
  • IRAK inhibitors in MDS and AML: Uwe Platzbecker
  • STAT3 targeting in MDS: Aditi Shastri
  • TIM3, PD1 and PDL1 targeting in MDS/AML: Amer Zeidan

Panel discussion

2:40PM -4:10PM

Session 5: Classification and risk stratification Updates
Chairs: Rena Buckstein & Maria Teresa Voso

  • Roadmap for harmonization of classifications: Somedeb Ball
  • Molecular data integration in prognostic tools: Elli Papaemmanuil
  • Prognosis assessment in resource-limited countries: Maria Teresa Voso
  • Predicting relapse risk in MDS post-transplant: Ready for primetime?: Christopher Hourigan
  • The Role of Classification versus Prognostication in MDS Patients: Robert Hasserjian
  • Towards uniform and inclusive patient eligibility criteria for MDS clinical trials: Uma Borate

Panel discussion

4:10PM -4:40PM


4:40PM -5:20PM

Keynote talk – Proceedings from FDA/NCI workshop on drug development in MDS: TBC

Panel discussion – Kelly Norsworthy & David Steensma

5:20PM -5:30PM

Conclusions & end of Day 2


Sun 30

8:30AM -9:50AM

Session 6: Response assessment & regulatory considerations
Chairs: Amer Zeidan & TBC 

  • How can we measure disease modification in LR-MDS: Rami Komrokji
  • How should MDS-IB2 (AML/MDS) be approached in clinic and trials? Katharina Götze
  • Do we still need to do bone marrow evaluations to diagnose, risk stratify and evaluate for response in MDS? Lisa Pleyer
  • MRD negative CR as an endpoint in MDS: Arjan Loosdrecht
  • IWG response criteria evolution for higher-risk MDS: TBC

Panel discussion

9:50AM -11:00AM

Session 7: TP53 aberrations and Secondary AML
Chairs: Valeria Santini & Andrew Wei 

  • How to use TP53 status for clinical decisions in MDS?: Coleman Lindsley
  • Therapies for secondary AML: Thomas Cluzeau
  • Targeting the CD47-SIRPa axis in MDS/AML: David Sallman
  • Putting it together: current and future perspectives in TP53 mutated AML: Andrew Wei

Panel discussion

11:00AM -12:20PM

Session 8: Advances in LR-MDS therapies
Chairs: Uwe Platzbecker & María-Díez Campelo    

  • Telomerase inhibition: Uwe Platzbecker
  • TGF pathway modulation: Amer Zeidan
  • Should lenalidomide become SOC in del5q LR-MDS before needing transfusions?: María-Díez Campelo
  • Is roxadustat and HIF targeting in MDS still a viable approach?: Valeria Santini
  • Putting it together – how do I manage LR-MDS in 2023: Hetty Carraway

Panel discussion

12:20PM -1:00PM

Working lunch

1:00PM -2:20PM

Session 9: Updates in HR-MDS therapies
Chairs: Andrew Wei & Amer Zeidan

  • IDH inhibitors- mono or combination therapy in MDS?: Marie Sebert
  • RARA agonists- Updates in use of RARA agonists in MDS?: Amy DeZern
  • Venetoclax in HR-MDS – SOC or not?: Yazan Madanat
  • Do selectin inhibitors have potential role in HR-MDS/AML?: Gail Roboz
  • Putting it all together – New directions in management of HR-MDS: Andrew Wei

Panel discussion

2:20PM -3:30PM

Session 10: Big data and quality of life measures
Chairs: Rena Buckstein & Mikkael Sekeres

  • Should we include frailty and geriatric assessment in prognostic tools: Rena Buckstein
  • Artificial intelligence for MDS prognostication: Adrián Mosquera Orgueira
  • QoL in MDS – what are its predictors and what does it predict?: Fabio Efficace
  • How should we integrate quality of life as an endpoint in trials: Mikkael Sekeres

Panel discussion

End of meeting summary