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Fri 07


Hematopathology virtual webinar – click here to register
Sanam Loghavi, Mina Xu, Robert Hasserjian

  • Diagnostic assessment and differential diagnosis of fibrotic and hypoplastic bone marrow specimens
    Robert Hasserjian

Panel discussion

  • The phenotypic spectrum of TP53 mutations in myeloid neoplasms
    Sanam Loghavi

Panel discussion

  • Tackling clonal hematopoiesis and germline predispositions to myeloid neoplasms
    Mina Xu

Panel Discussion

  • Diagnostic assessment, clinical consequences and differential diagnostic considerations of hypoplastic bone marrow
    Anne Sophie Kubasch

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Introduction & meeting objectives and keynote talks – Amer Zeidan


Session I: CHIP/CCUS – Michael Savona and Uma Borate     

  • The SEARCH CONSORTIUM: Looking for Answers in CHIP And CCUS; Zhuoer Xie
  • Clonal Hematopiesis and transplantation outcomes; Coleman Lindsley
  • Should CCUS be considered as lower risk MDS?; Uma Borate
  • Putting it all together; Michael Savona

Panel discussion





Keynote talk:

Leveraging the icMDS combined database to answer timely and important questions

on classification and risk stratification in MDS: Matteo Della Porta


Session II: CMML – Michael Savona and Valeria Santini                   

  • RASopathies; Key Features of Ras-Family Mutated CMML, and Treatment Options; Mrinal Patnaik
  • Approaches from the MDS/MPN IWG: ABNL MARRO, and beyond; Daniel Wiseman
  • Elucidating the role of HMAs in CMML-A standard of care or not? Lisa Pleyer
  • The Special Case of MDS/MPN-RS-T; Valeria Santini

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Wrap-up Day 1


Sat 08


Session III: Epigenetics and Splicing

Chairs: Valeria Santini and Elizabeth Griffiths                                    

  • Oral hypomethylating agents in MDS-what is next?; Elizabeth Griffiths
  • Updates in therapeutic combinations of epigenetic agents in MDS/AML; Aristoteles Giagounidis
  • Pathophysiology and targeting of splicing factor mutant MDS and CMML; Jacqueline Boultwood
  • Overview of the NIH Program for MDS; Alain Mina

Panel discussion


Session IV: Inflammation and Immune interventions

Chairs: Andrew Wei and Rena Buckstein                                                                                                

  • Targeting inflammation & dysregulated innate immunity in MDS; Shahram Kordasti
  • Updates in Vexas Syndrome; Carmelo Gurnari
  • IRAK inhibitors in MDS and AML; Uwe Platzbecker
  • How can we optimize transplant outcomes for MDS?; Charles Craddock
  • What we have learn from AML immune contexture that can be relevant to MDS?; Leonido Luznik

Panel discussion



Session V: Classification and risk stratification Updates

Chairs: Rena Buckstein and Maria Teresa Voso

  • Roadmap for harmonization of classifications; Somedeb Ball
  • Molecular data integration in prognostic tools; Elli Papaemmanuil
  • Prognosis assessment in resource-limited countries; Maria Teresa Voso
  • Predicting relapse risk in MDS post-transplant: Ready for primetime? Christopher Hourigan
  • The Role of Classification versus Prognostication in MDS Patients; Robert Hasserjian

Panel discussion


Session VI: Response assessment & regulatory considerations

Chairs:  Amer Zeidan/Kelly Norsworthy     

  • Proceedings from FDA/NCI workshop on drug development in MDS; Kelly Norsworthy
  • How can we measure disease modification in LR-MDS; Rami Komrokji
  • Are molecular responses ready for prime time use in MDS? Katharina Götze
  • IWG response criteria evolution for higher risk MDS; Amer Zeidan

Panel discussion




Session VII: TP53 aberrations and Secondary AML

Chairs: Valeria Santini & Andrew Wei 

  • How to use TP53 status for clinical decisions in MDS?; Coleman Lindsley
  • Therapies for secondary AML; Thomas Cluzeau
  • Targeting the CD47-SIRPa axis in MDS/AML; David Sallman
  • TP53 focused initiative in MDS MyeloMatch; Maximilian Stahl
  • Putting it together: current and future perspectives in TP53 mutated AML; Andrew Wei

Panel discussion


Session VIII: Advances in LR-MDS therapies

Chairs: Uwe Platzbecker & Olatoyosi Odenike   

  • Telomerase inhibition; Uwe Platzbecker
  • TGF pathway modulation; Lionel Ades
  • Should lenalidomide become SOC in del5q LR-MDS before needing transfusions? María-Díez Campelo
  • myeloMATCH efforts to move clinical trial development ahead in MDS; Olatoyosi Odenike
  • Putting it together-how do I manage LR-MDS in 2023; Valeria Santini

Panel discussion


Sun 09


Session IX: Updates in HR-MDS therapies

Chairs: Andrew Wei and Amer Zeidan

  • IDH inhibitors- mono or combination therapy in MDS?;  Marie Sebert
  • RARA agonists- Updates in use of RARA agonists in MDS?; Amy DeZern
  • Updates on TIM3 targeting in MDS and AML?; Amer Zeidan
  • Putting all together; New directions in management of HR-MDS Andrew Wei


Panel discussion


Session X: Big data and quality of life measures 

Chairs: Rena Buckstein and Mikkael Sekeres

  • Should we include frailty and geriatric assessment in prognostic tools; Rena Buckstein
  • The HARMONY Alliance: A Big Data platform for patients with hematologic malignancies; Guillermo Sanz
  • Artificial Intelligence for MDS prognostication; Adrián Mosquera Orgueira
  • QOL in MDS: what are its predictors and what does it predict?; Fabio Efficace
  • How should we integrate quality of life as an endpoint in trials; Mikkael Sekeres

Panel discussion




Open forum discussion and future plans for iwMDS       


Conclusions and closing remarks-Amer Zeidan